Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WW: Birthday Party Jumping!!

YAY....It' Wednesday again....  only TWO more days until our mini vacation (well, a vacation is a vacation --- mini or not, right!! )!!  I can already feel the wind in my hair while riding in the boat and feel the sun beat down on my "tan needed" body.

YAY... It's Wednesday again... time for Wordful Wednesday!!

Angie's 7th birthday was one month ago and Joseph's 10th birthday is tomorrow so I decided to do their parties together.... especially since they both wanted to go to Airheads and it would've been PRETTY PRICEY to pay for two different parties (I'm thinking thrifty people ;-) ).

They brought 2 friends each, along with their older brothers and a couple family friends.  They got their helmets and jump shoes on and they JUMPED and JUMPED and JUMPED and ran up the walls (which are also trampolines) and did flips and chased each other and threw balls at each other.  It was great and they had a BLAST!!!!

Ethan doing tricks


Angie and friends

Joseph and friends

After they wore themselves out, it was time for the sugar rush.... cake.... made my mommy (their favorite type)...

Happy Birthday to the "littles" (as their older brothers call them)!  I love you both VERY MUCH!!!

Now, go on over and check out the other WW at Seven Clown Circus....  (and you'll get to see her awesome, make-you-jealous pictures of their mexican vacation)


~ Noelle said...

oh that place looks like so much fun... i know my stepsons would love it... wish there was something like that near us... time to look into it :) thanks for stopping over

Natalie said...

I want to go to that place! I really need to look into one.

Amy McMean said...

Oh man I'm having my next birthday party there!!