Thursday, May 24, 2012

Writer's Workshop: Spring Means.......

BIRTHDAY SEASON in our family!!!!

Joseph's 10th birthday (TODAY!!!)

Well, technically, it's Spring AND Summer, but it all starts early, early on in Spring!!

I love birthdays... I love planning dinners and parties and decorating.  And of course I love MY birthday.  So this time of year is one of my favorites.
We have a tradition in our house where we all decorate the kitchen/bar area for the birthday person so they can wake up to it ....  The kids love it, I love it and I think it's something great for the kids to carry on as they get older.

So, back to the BIRTHDAY SEASON....  We've got:
March:    Gamps (my Dad)
April:       Me, Angie and Joe's sister
May:        Joseph
June:        CJ
July:         Joe
Then I get a bit of a break until October/November...

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Jerralea said...

We're in a season of birthdays as well. Kinda hurts the pocketbook ... I like your tradition of decorating the snack bar for the birthday person!

Amy McMean said...

Birthday season is March, april and May for me. WE are almost through it for this year!

Michelle said...

Well happy birthday to all your spring birthday peeps. And long time no see. :) thanks for dropping in.

Keia said...

I love birthdays and the idea of planning dinners and parties for others.

I think it's a good tradition you have to decorate the kitchen area. I may have to adopt that in some form.

Happy Birthday season to you and your family.