Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WW: Lost TWO..... but now we have a new ONE!!!

Since I have been so bad about blogging this past year (or two...oops!!), there are many things that I haven't chronicled on here; so I'm trying to go back and "catch up" per se.  What better DAY to start, than on "WORDFUL WEDNESDAY"..  where I do feel so guilty about using too many words!!!

Anyway, over this past year, we lost BOTH of our canine babies...  :-(  We lost Eddie in June 2011 to a brain tumor (he was 13) and Daisy in December 2011 to cancer all over her body (she was 18); and  I was with each of them as they took their final breaths and made their way to the "Rainbow Bridge".

We were devestated....  BOTH of them gone within 6 months of each other...  all that we have is their ashes and a ton of pictures!!

After they were both gone I thought I could NEVER have another dog again.  I could NEVER love another dog again and could NEVER handle the heartbreak of losing another dog again.  Well, as time went on....  months and months went by and I started to feel the tugging at my heart.  The kids wanted another dog and I finally felt ready to open my heart to another pup!!!

So, we are now..................

We decided that this time we would adopt a dog that really needed a good home.  We looked for a little bit, but once we "met" Winnie we knew she was the one!!!

She is a 3-year old Black & Tan Coonhound....  unfortunately she came from a BAD situation so she is very timid and skittish!! 

The kids just adore her and we are so happy to have a new "canine companion"!!!


Valerie said...

I remember when we lost our family dog, I was the one who found her. Still breaks my heart thinking about that day, but she is in heaven now just like your two dogs!
Winnie is adorable! Given time she will open up more & get use to your family, my family adopted a rescue dog who was so scare she didn't even want to get in the car to go home the day they got her!

angie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your two dogs. How wonderful to have a new addition to your family though. So nice to see you back. You've been missed!