Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowing in Florida....?

Well...... I wouldn't call it a big, fluffy, white snowstorm.... But, all of the forecasts say that early tomorrow morning we might see snow flurries!!!
You see, like the rest of the country, we have been in a major cold snap....and by cold (for us in FL) I mean our average temperatures have been in the low 50's (yes, that is freaking cold for me!!).
Well.....there is another big cold front coming in overnight, along with some "moisture" (in Florida, we call that rain); and the combination of those is bringing a CHANCE of snow flurries. Realistically, it probably won't happen... but it sure is fun thinking that we might wake up to see some white stuff falling from the sky!! And for the kids, who are overly excited, I really hope it does!!
Happy Snow Falling!!! I'll keep you posted!!


Anonymous said...

snow in Florida, seriously I think the world is

Rhonda said...

Aww, we here in Canada LOVE to share some of the white stuff!! lol

Rhonda said...

And I mean that in a totally legal way..... lol

Evonne said...

I did hear it was cold everywhere! I hope the kids get a glimpse of snow and you stay warm.

If it doesn't snow, you are more than welcome to visit up here. We have plenty of snow to share.

~~Mel~~ said...

I hope you and the kids got to see some can have some of ours! lol.

Lisa Anne said...

Lucky. I'm in the same boat here in Cali. No snow, 112 degree summers. We do get cold nights 40 degrees but no snow! Can you bottle it up and mail some to me if it does snow? Please!

Amy McMean said...

I was wondering if you guys would see some snow, I sure hope you do. We've had plenty up here in PA. brrrrr.......

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