Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My First Time!!!!!

Somehow I got into reading other people's blogs; reading about their lives, their struggles, happy/sad/mad times, laughing at funny things their kids do and crying at the sad stories. It has become almost therapeutic; I guess so I don't feel like "I'm the only one". Anyway, after talking to Joe about this he suggested I make my own...which I had already been considering, but just needed a little nudge to actually do it. So, here I am........ let's have fun with this!!!!

Here are a few pictures to get us started on this journey of "blogging":

April 2008 - Me and Joe (I know, he is so cute!!!)

February 2008 - Lake Tahoe (I just love this picture)

June 2008 - CJ and Joseph (I love this picture too)

May 2008 - "Queen for the Day" at Ethan's Class

June 2008 - Joseph's New Haircut (yes, it's a mohawk)

April 2008 - Here she is.... the princess ofour castle (yes, that makes me queen!!)

I am already thinking about what to write next......... (for those of you that know me well, you know I am always thinking about what to say next)

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Carol said...

Great blog! The pictures are adorable! You did a wonderful job! Love Ya, Carol :)